Transmin ConveyorPro is a global supplier of high-quality conveyor belt with belting solutions to suit most industrial applications and industries – from food handling to heavy-duty mining and minerals processing.


ConveyorPro partners only with leading global manufacturers to ensure our range delivers the highest levels of industry compliance, reliability and durability – at a cost that is highly competitive.


ConveyorPro Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt is designed to separate solids and liquids, accompanied by rinsing, leaching or acid washing if desired. The belts form a continuously circulating trough that holds and transports the filter blanket, the filter cake, the suspension and the washing solvent and removes the filtrate. The force of gravity and the vacuum generated cause the filtrate to be siphoned off via the belt grooves and through the drainage holes in the centre of the belt.  The filtrate is drained off via a longitudinally positioned vacuum box and a defined belt perforation. The pre-dried filter cake is shed on the bend pulley.


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  • Good chemical resistance, high temperature stability, high strength, low elongation



Typical Applications

  • Vacuum filter units, filter presses
  • Mining and materials processing and handling, chemicals, dyes, paper, fertiliser


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