Transmin ConveyorPro is a global supplier of high-quality conveyor belt with belting solutions to suit most industrial applications and industries – from food handling to heavy-duty mining and minerals processing.


ConveyorPro partners only with leading global manufacturers to ensure our range delivers the highest levels of industry compliance, reliability and durability – at a cost that is highly competitive.


ConveyorPro Tube Conveyor Belt presents all the advantages of conventional belt conveyors while also providing the benefits of a fully enclosed system – allowing for inclined conveying up to 30 degrees, a more flexible system able to negotiate tight curves and limited space with no requirement for transfer construction points.  And enclosed tube conveyor system also provide protection from the weather, or conversely, protection for the environment if the materials conveyed are hazardous.


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  • Fully enclosed system, compact flexible design, protection fro the elements and/or protection of the surrounding environment



Typical Applications

  • Suitable for heavy-duty, long-distance, high-speed material handling
  • Cement, power stations, waste processing, chemical industry



Cover Grades Available

  • General, fire resistant, abrasion resistant, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant


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