As part of our ConveyorPro range, Transmin supplies a wide range of pulleys to suit most conveyor applications.


Take-Up Pulleys provide the adjustment required to maintain necessary belt tension (T2). They are usually gravity force adjustable.



Features and Benefits – ConveyorPro Standard Pulley Range:

  • Standard offer is ‘turbine’ pulley design, however ‘T-bottom’ designs are available based on application or requirements.
  • 100% ultrasonic testing of all welds
  • Standard locking element types: TAS3006 – medium duty / TAS3020 – heavy duty
  • Self centring lock element design.
  • Removable shaft.

The Shaft:

All ConveyorPro Pulley shafts are designed in accordance with AS1403 for infinite fatigue life. Shaft deflections are maintained within manufacturer’s recommendations for hub locking devices.


Shaft Features:

  • Designed to AS1403
  • All shafts are ultrasonically tested to AS1065 Level-2 (certificate supplied only on request during quoting).
  • Bearings and locking elements are machines to 1.6µm surface finish.

The Shell:

Submerged arc welding processes are employed for shaft/end disc connections and shell longitudinal welds.


Shell Features:

  • Designed for shell stress not to exceed 55MPa.
  • Ultrasonically tested to AS1710 Level-2 (certificate supplied only on request during quoting).


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