Transmin supplies a wide range of industrial conveyor chain.  We can also provide custom-designed and fabricated solutions to suit client specifications.


Our Standard Conveyor Chain can be manufactured to British Standard (BS), ISO Standard, or DIN Standard, ensuring superior chain strength and reliability, whatever the application.  Deep Link standard conveyor chain is also available, with both hollow and solid bearing pin options to suit.



Features / Advantages

  • All links and componentry are shot peened for greater fatigue strength and durability


  • Statically pre-loaded to reduce initial wear.  This process applies 1/3 of the rated breaking load to the chain ensuring component alignment and reducing initial wear and take up during the first stages of operation


  • Curved edge link plates for consistent tolerance control.  Curved link plates prevent the edges of links rising during engagement with the sprockets, which also allows for easier and safer handling during maintenance and installation.


  • Pre-lubricated during manufacturing and assembly.  A range of lubrication options are available


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