Transmin and Flexco share a long history of collaboration on large-scale projects in the mining and bulk materials handling industries, both in Australia and overseas. As such Transmin and Flexco are official ‘project partners’, with Transmin able to offer new and replacement Flexco components on all Transmin conveyors and feeders.


Transmin can supply a range of Flexco belt ploughs to suit virtually any conveying application, including the following Flexco products;



  • Diagonal Ploughs – to keep lumps, rocks, and other fugitive materials out of your tail pulley, or gravity take-up pulleys, try the RDP1 Diagonal Plough.


  • Heavy-Duty Floating Blade Belt Plough – designed to maximise wide and high belt applications. The twin poles prevent bouncing and keep rogue material from pinching between the return belt and the tail pulley, which can result in belt damage


  • Heavy-Duty Spring Tension Diagonal Plough – a heavy duty “belt cleaner” for the tail pulley, the HDST Diagonal Plough keeps lumps, rocks and other fugitive materials out of the tail pulley where they could cause damage to the belt, the mechanical splice, the lagging or the pulley.


  • V-Plough – an effective solution for protecting your tail pulley, as well as your mechanical splices and lagging, the V-Plow is uniquely designed to clean the inside (clean side) of your return belt.


  • Twin Pole V-Plough – for heavy-duty applications, designed to maximise wide and high belt speed applications.


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