Transmin has been the exclusive Australian distributor for Rotaval rotary valves, blow seals and diverter valves for over 20 years.  From bulk minerals handling to the finest of industrial materials, RotaVal has a rotary valve solution for your application.


Detection systems are required to stop a rotary valve instantly if it detects rotor to housing contact, avoiding valve damage and consequent product contamination. Also, internal damage almost certainly invalidates ATEX certification for flame containment requirements.


The Rota Val RotaSafe © RM2 Detection Circuit is intrinsically safe and therefore suitable for ATEX and non-ATEX areas.


The RM2 features innovative control electronics, effectively eliminating the incidence of false contact signals which have been a feature of other contact systems due to their inability to deal with electrical noise from unavoidable sources. The new system accurately measures contact resistance, providing a new level of detection which effectively distinguishes differences between genuine signals and product or CIP fluid conductivity.  The Rota Val RotaSafe is a patented design.



Typical Applications

  • Suitable for the following industries; Dairy, Food, General Industry, Pharmaceutical




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