Transmin and Flexco share a long history of collaboration on large-scale projects in the mining and bulk materials handling industries, both in Australia and overseas. As such Transmin and Flexco are official ‘project partners’, with Transmin able to offer new and replacement Flexco components on all Transmin conveyors and feeders.


Transmin can supply a range of Flexco primary belt cleaners / scrapers to suit virtually any conveying application, including the following Flexco products;



  • EZP1 Rockline® Primary Cleaner – effective and affordable, this solid-blade belt cleaner mounts on the head pulley and features do-it-yourself installation and minimal maintenance.


  • EZP-LS “Limited Space” Primary Cleaner – featuring a compact yet user-friendly design, ideal for speciality applications with severe space limitations and pulleys as small as 6″.


  • MMP Medium Mine-Duty Primary Cleaner – the ideal solution for tough applications that call for more than a standard-duty system, but don’t require the aggressiveness of heavy-duty cleaner.


  • MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Primary Cleaner – One of the most rugged cleaners on the market, the MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Pre-cleaner has been engineered to handle the most abusive conditions, such as wet, sticky fire clay, whilst maintaining constant cleaning force.


  • H-Type® Primary Cleaner – for installation on the head pulley, our H-Type pre-cleaner is uniquely designed to efficiently remove carry-back and maintain performance –– even as the blades wear.


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