As part of our ConveyorPro range, Transmin supplies a wide range of idler assemblies to suit most conveyor applications – engineered according to the highest industry standards . 1,2,3,4 or 5-Roll idler frame designs are available to suit client specifications.



ConveyorPro Offset Impact Idler Assemblies are available in 3 or 5 roll configurations to suit required belt width, trough angle, roller spacing and frame height. Frames/brackets are specially reinforced, made from high quality corrosion resistant steel, with a range of finishes available.


Offset trough idlers offer an alternative to inline idlers, with a number of advantages given the right application, including; reduced overall height and reduced gap between middle and side rollers – meaning a reduced risk of the belt becoming snagged and damaged. Therefore, offset idlers are often used in underground mines (where saving height is beneficial) and with thin belt carcasses where belt nipping has to be avoided.


Impact rollers are manufactured as a steel shell with surrounding rubber discs. Impact idler frames and rollers are used at conveyor loading and transfer points for added protection from lump material dropped from height during the transfer process. Impact rollers are available as part of the ConveyorPro Roller range (click here).


To send us your exact idler specifications, hover over the Technical Specs button below to reveal our idler frames Enquiry Form, which can be filled out and emailed directly to us.



Why ConveyorPro?

As a trusted name in the Australian mining sector for over 30 years, Transmin engineering stands behind the quality and reliability of the ConveyorPro Range. The range has been designed and compiled with quality, flexibility, fast availability and cost-effectiveness in mind. Our dedicated Parts, Servicing and Engineering departments are on-hand with technical support around the clock, including on site assistance.


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