Transmin has over 30 years experience designing and fabricating ball mills and other equipment used in grinding-media-handling for the mining and material processing industries.


Composite steel lifter bars are still commonplace in most primary and secondary milling applications.  However Transmin has developed its own range of rubber lifter bars that are similar to impact bars used in conveyor applications.  Rubber lifter bars are easier to handle, quicker to install, and with the reduced overall weight of the bars, power draw and noise pollution is also reduced, as well as the overall impact on rotating components.


With rubber lifter bars, a more consistent and predictable wear-rate is also an advantage – allowing sites to better plan inspection and maintenance schedules and manage their downtime more efficiently.


Transmin offers a wide range of rubber lifter bars and plates for ball mills, rod mills and drum scrubbers, including custom-engineered bars. They come complete with aluminium and steel tracks, with different face angles to suit the milling or scrubbing application.  Contact us today for more information and/or for a competitive quote.


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