Impact beds (comprising multiple impact bars) are commonly used at conveyor loading or transfer points. They are designed to absorb high impacts – helping to eliminate spillage and scattering of material. This protects your conveyor system, whilst increasing conveyor efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.


Impact bars consist of a steel or aluminium, encased in rubber and UHMWPE material.  Transmin can supply both normal/high elastic impact bars, and flame retardant bars. Contact us today for more information and a competitive quote.


Features / Advantages

    • Impact bars distribute evenly under conveyor belt therefore absorbing the impact loading evenly to minimise damage to the belt.


    • High elastic rubber layer absorbs maximum impact in order to protect the conveyor belt.


    • Effectively reduce materials spillage from loading.


    • Extremely low friction coefficient UHWMPE top surface – significantly reduces the friction force and heat within the conveyor belt, and protects the belt for longer service life.


    • “T-Slot” extruded metal frame fits precisely with the T-bolts running throughout impact bars.


  • Also available in Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS).


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