Transmin is an official Australian distributor of Berco track and undercarriage chain and componentry, including links, sprockets, bearings, pulleys, pins and rollers.  As an official distributor, Transmin can offer highly competitive pricing, as well as superior service and support across the entire Berco range.

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About Berco: 

Since 1920, Italian based Berco have continued to innovate and improve undercarriage performance. High-quality materials and careful manufacturing processes ensure that Berco undercarriage components are reliable, durable and wear at a predictable rate. Longer life and controllable wear mean that you get maximum undercarriage performance at the lowest operating cost.

If you’re new to the Berco range, making the switch across from CAT or V-Track couldn’t be easier.  Click here to download our brochure and ‘Make the Easy Switch’.



Apron Feeders – Parts and Install: 

Berco track chain is also suitable for most industrial apron feeder models, such as those used in the mining, construction and quarrying industries.  Transmin can supply AND install at highly competitive rates. Click here for our dedicated apron feeder brochure.

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Data Table

D10N / R / T - Pitch 260.35 (10.25), 1 1/8” Hardware
BERCO #CAT Equivalent #
Track Group Lubricated Hi Lo Temp, BPR2 44 section Single Grouser Shoes 24” (610mm) 1 1/8” S.E.S. CR7667/44/24380-5940
Track Group Lubricated Hi Lo Temp, BPR2 44 section Single Grouser Shoes 24” (610mm) 1 1/8” E.S.CR7665/44/247T-0723
Lubricated Link Assembly, Hi Lo Temp, BPR2 44 section*CR7663/44238-9851
Shoe Single Grouser 24” (610mm) 1 1/8” E.S.CR5040/247T-0724
Shoe Master Single Grouser 24” (610mm) 1 1/8” E.S. Clipped CornerCR5186/249W-1867
Shoe Single Grouser 24” (610mm) 1 1/8” S.E.S.CR5272/246Y-6785
Shoe Master Single Grouser 24” (610mm) 1 1/8” S.E.S. Clipped CornerCR5273/246Y-6786
Master Bolt - LongCR52577T-0998
Master Bolt - ShortCR52587T-0999
Bushing & Seal Kit
Pin & Bushing KitCR7675/44
Right Hand LinkCR7669T-0715
Left Hand LinkCR76707T-0716
Segment Group (5pce)CR5047A6T-9538
Sprocket SegmentCR5048A278-2374
Segment bolts, nuts and washers available
Track Roller DFCR5043D309-7678
Track Roller SFCR5041D309-7679
Carrier RollerCR5041D309-7679
Idler Assembly CR5045F125-3537
* Berco Link Assemblies and Track Groups supplied with master bolts.

All products shown in this document originate from Berco exclusively; Any reference to Caterpillar (the Caterpillar Word Signs) are mentioned to communicate that the aforementioned products are only suitable for Caterpillar machines with the corresponding model designation.