Transmin has been the exclusive Australian distributor for Rotaval rotary valves, blow seals and diverter valves for over 20 years.  From bulk minerals handling to the finest of industrial materials, RotaVal has a rotary valve solution for your application.


Rota Val “Fast-Clean” Rotary Valve bring new standards of safety, ease of use and reliability to applications with high cleanliness needs. The range offers users increased productivity through minimal down-time and greater reliability as a result of simple safe disassembly procedures.


The explosion-proof design ensures safe use with hazardous materials. Bottom-mounted sliding rails ensure accurate alignment of the rotor to housing when being removed or replaced. A rotor support saddle eliminates the need for manual lifting or special equipment under primary cleaning operations, enabling users to need safe handling legislation.


Rota Val “Fast-Clean” Rotary Valves are particularly suited to any application requiring frequent cleaning of internal components, whether for cleanliness or hygienic purposes. They will be of particular interest to the dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries.



Typical Applications

  • 4 Standard BSFCT sizes available 150mm to 300mm to give capacities up to 47m3/hr
  • Suitable for the following industries; Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Process and Petro-Chemical



Features / Advantages

  • Standard materials of construction; cast iron, SG iron, stainless steel and aluminium
  • In place cleaning can be carried out by plant operators: no special tools or specific fitting skills are required
  • Self-aligning rotor slides back into the housing without further alignment.
  • Close vane tolerances to ensure high sealing and feeding efficiency with maximum durability
  • Standard valves manufactured in stainless steel 316L
  • All internal surfaces machined
  • Direct drive or chain drive available
  • ATEX 94/9/EC Certified by Baseefa for Explosion/Flame Containment for Class ST1 & ST2 Dusts



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