Transmin has been the exclusive Australian distributor for Rotaval rotary valves, blow seals and diverter valves for over 20 years.  From bulk minerals handling to the finest of industrial materials, RotaVal has a rotary valve solution for your application.


The RotaVal Granular Blowing Seal (BSG) is purpose designed to handle plastic pellets under flood-feed conditions, the Rota Val Granule Valve provides efficient discharge with minimal product damage whilst retaining full throat opening and single rotor configuration.


Typical Applications

  • 4 sizes available 150mm to 300mm
  • Suitable for the following industries; Plastics


Features / Advantages

  • Offset inlet and outlet
  • Special rotor/housing design, to ensure voids are created dynamically at each end of the rotor pockets
  • Novel relief in the valve bore, with an integrally-cast profile to deflect overspill into pocket voids away from point of shear


The latter two features do not add to the cost of the valve yet considerably enhance the ability of the long-established offset design to reduce product damage and are suitable for any shearable granulated product where particle size does not exceed 5mm.



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