Transmin and Flexco share a long history of collaboration on large-scale projects in the mining and bulk materials handling industries, both in Australia and overseas. As such Transmin and Flexco are official ‘project partners’, with Transmin able to offer new and replacement Flexco components on all Transmin conveyors and feeders.


A fast, safe belt-cutting solution, Flexco’s power-assisted Electric Belt Cutter can handle all types of belting –– from the softest of natural rubbers to the hardest constructed solid woven PVC and fabric-plied belts.


Available in two sizes:


  • EBC1/CEBC1 (Cordless) – allows cuts up to 1” (25 mm) thick on rubber belts and up to a maximum 360 P.I.W. (630 N/m) on PVC belts


  • EBC2/CEBC2 (Cordless) – allows cuts up to 2” (50 mm) thick on rubber belts and up to a maximum 1140 P.I.W.(2000 N/m) on PVC belts


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