Transmin supplies a wide range of industrial conveyor chain.  We can also provide custom-designed and fabricated solutions to suit client specifications.


Proven continuously across a diverse range of high-impact, high-abrasive industries and applications (below), Transmin Forged Chain / Chain Attachments are proven to perform under the toughest conditions.  This high strength chain is drop-forged from alloyed case-hardened steel.  The raw material used complies with stringent quality standards and all links are consistently tested.


Flights are available in a range of configurations to suit the conveying application, including U, O and OO design, as well as BT1, BT2 and BT3 chain spacing.


Of fundamental importance is that the correct flight configuration is selected for the particular application, as it underpins the performance of the conveyor and thereby the reliable operation of the entire installation. Particular note needs to be taken as to material characteristics conveyed and the speed and pitch of the conveyor – either horizontal or inclined.


Features / Advantages

  • High strength
  • Consistent chain performance – improve productivity
  • Higher wear resistance results in longer service life
  • Reduction in operating costs – greater reliability allows minimal spares inventory
  • Long service life reduces personnel maintenance requirements



Typical Applications / Industries

Common applications for forged chain include;


  • Chain conveyors
  • Mining
  • Utility plants
  • Chemical processing
  • Metallurgical processing
  • General manufacturing and materials processing


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