Transmin supplies a wide range of industrial conveyor chain.  We can also provide custom-designed and fabricated solutions to suit client specifications.


Standard Attachments can be provided with chain to fit various flights, slats, buckets, scrapers or moulds to the conveyor. Attachments may form an integral part of the link plate or may be built into the chain (welded) as a replacement of the normal link.


Multiple attachment options are available, including:


  • Welded or integral options
  • Attached to outer or inner links
  • Feature one or two holes
  • Providing a flat attachment surface to lie either horizontal or vertical (at a right angle) to the chain plate


Extended bearings on one side of chain can be specified at any pitch point or spacing in the chain and can be supplied plain, drilled or with a threaded end.


They are an integral part of the chain assembly and cannot be removed without dismantling the chain. Extensions can be case hardened or soft to suit client requirements.


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