Transmin can supply and install a wide range of mechanical gearboxes, motors and complete assemblies; as replacements for Transmin equipment, and third-party OEM equipment.


For Transmin equipment, including our belt feeders, chain feeders, Low Profile Feeders and bucket elevators – gearbox/motor selection will depend heavily on the machinery requirements and technical specifications.  However, all are compact and extremely powerful, representing the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications where shock loading and impacts are common-place.


Assembly configurations can be highly versatile, including parallel-shaft assemblies and helical-worm assemblies.  The aim is to obtain the optimum ratio between performance and intelligent use of space.  And, with a multitude of combination options for gear units and motors, you can reduce operating costs, count on a long service life and benefit from simplified maintenance.


Transmin typically sources from renowned international manufacturers such as SEW, Bonfiglioli, WEG and TECO.  Get in touch with us today for replacement gearbox/motor assemblies for your Tranmsin machinery, or any third-party machine.



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