Transmin’s Environmental Commitment

Through the implementation of Environmental Management Systems, and in meeting with AS/NZS ISO 14001 and also client specific requirements, the Transmin team is committed to continually monitoring the way in which we conduct our activities, so as to negate or minimise any adverse impact on the environment.

In 2013 Transmin received the Clean Technology Grant by the Federal Government and chose to invest in renewable energy by installing an efficient solar system at our servicing facility in Perth; reducing our overall carbon footprint. With 4,000 square metres of workshop roof space available, we filled it up with solar panels and now produce 60KW of power.

Transmin recognise and accept our responsibility to ensure that all waste services, transport and storage activities are conducted in a manner which is environmentally responsible and safe to the community.

We will achieve and maintain these objectives by:
1. Developing site specific management plans for all projects we undertake;
2. Being pro-active in recycling/reuse and encouraging our clients to do likewise;
3. Continually evaluating all processes involving the collection and transport of waste;
4. Evaluating and monitoring potential releases of contaminates throughout our activities.

Sorting general waste, paper and cardboard, plastic, comingle, carbon steel, timber recycling, dry and wet cell batteries, printer cartridges, controlled hydrocarbon storage and disposal, oily water separator facilities, waste oil recycling and recovery from soiled rags and collecting E waste are all part of Transmin’s daily activities.

It is the responsibility of us all to be conscious of our moral and legal obligations to the environment and be diligent at all times.

For more information on this notice please contact Transmin on +61 9270 8555 or email