Transmin Signs Distributor Deal with Japanese Industrial Feeder Specialist – Yoshikawa Corporation

Transmin Pty Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a new Australian distributor agreement with Yoshikawa Corporation, the world leader in ‘circle feeder’ technology used in bulk-materials handling operations across a vast range of industrial sectors.

The scope of the agreement covers all States and Territories within Australia, and includes Yoshikawa’s full range of circle feeders and associated parts and servicing.

Transmin Capital Sales Manager Phil Gilbert: “Circle feeders are a highly innovative and effective alternative to traditional belt and screw feeders. Thanks to their circular motion, they guarantee consistent draw-down of materials – ensuring ‘first-in, first-out’, whilst removing the risk of material ‘bridging’ and ‘sludging’. They also allow the potential for multiple material inlet/outlet points.

The result for many clients is a more efficient, more flexible handling operation that experiences reduced material wastage and spoiling, a more reliable flow, and improved space-saving efficiencies. All of which can have a positive impact on the bottom-line.

Yoshikawa Corporation manufactures circle feeders for virtually any commodity or material – from coal, to powdered chemicals, from food, to feathers. Each feeders is engineered to the specific attributes of the material being handled, with feeder diameters ranging from 30cm through to 4m.

Rob Rhodes, Transmin General Manager “The Yoshikawa range is in perfect alignment with Transmin’s own longstanding specialisation in bulk materials handling equipment manufacturing. For almost 30 years Transmin has developed a world class reputation for engineering and manufacturing innovation. Yoshikawa Corporation is a prime example of precision Japanese manufacturing with innovation at the heart of their business. No other company in the world delivers a comparable feeder alternative.”

“The Yoshikawa range therefore adds an extra level of integration for us as a business; providing our clients with access to top-of-the-range feeder technology.”

“We’re delighted to announce the signing of this agreement, and we look forward to growing the Yoshikawa line here in Australia, alongside Transmin’s traditional feeder lines.”