Having trouble detecting tramp metal?
Transmin can help.

Is Your Tramp Metal Detector (TMD) in Need of a Service?

Protecting your expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage by tramp metal not only saves expensive repairs but also minimises production downtime. Regular servicing is therefore recommended to ensure the detector is reading and performing at its best. That’s where Transmin can help.

Transmin’s Servicing team can service all makes and models of tramp metal detector, to ensure they are measuring and operating correctly. We also offer a comprehensive support and servicing package, including;


  • Inspection of detector assembly and Oretronic controller
  • Inspection of speed sensor, clip detector and marking system as fitted
  • Calibration with customer sample tramp
  • Advice on achievable sensitivity and potential improvements to system


  • Generator (top) coil
  • Receiver (bottom) coil
  • Flag drop marker
  • Fibreglass nuts and bolts

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Unlike most suppliers, Transmin can handle the full install of your conveyor belt, offering both hot and cold splicing. Our team of highly trained service technicians are on hand from start to finish.

Get in touch with Transmin today and see how much we could save you on your TMD servicing and parts.

Damian Thorpe
Sales & Product Manager – Thermo Scientific
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