Sizer Parts & Servicing – all Makes & Models, Affordable Rates

Are you paying too much for commercially available sizer parts and servicing?

At Transmin we have 30 years’ experience servicing all makes and models of sizers right across Australia, including MMD, ABON (FL Smidth), and Sandvik.

Our service rates are competitive! So too is our pricing on a range of commercially available industrial sizer parts.

Transmin offers both on-site and off-site servicing capability. Our Perth workshop features over 4000sqm of space specifically built to accommodate repairs to all models of sizer, including;

  • Hard-face welding repairs
  • Arc-air gouging
  • HD welding

We can cater to;

  • All GE work,
  • 24hr servicing,
  • On-site and off-site servicing

Our facilities include;

  • Multiple specialised welding bays
  • Multiple hard facing bays, and
  • Dust/fume controlled and sound proof arc air gouging bays

Our facilities include;

  • Fasteners
  • Fluid couplings
  • Bearings
  • Electric motors
  • Drive gears and gear boxes

Get in touch with Transmin today and see how much we could save you on sizer parts AND servicing.