Fixed Price Agreements

Transmin offers fixed-price agreements across our full range of parts and supplies, including all Transmin OEM equipment, and many third-party OEM equipment models.

Transmin Supplies Manager, Matt Brooks; “Fixed price agreements (FPA’s) benefit both supplier and client in virtually every industry. They allow for fast, efficient forward project planning and estimating, stock holding and logistical planning. They also cut out the time-consuming back-and-forth between client and supplier as requests for quotes and tenders are affectively removed. If you need a part, refer to the FPA and supply us with your purchase/sales order – simple. From Transmin’s side there’s no further work involved other than to get that part out to you as quickly as possible.”

Aside from the above gains, FPA’s can save clients thousands of dollars every year by reviewing and negotiating total spend across Transmin (not just parts, but equipment and servicing), as well as the ability to bulk package spend on parts and supplies into fixed regular purchases.

Give Transmin a call today, and find out if Fixed Price Agreements are right for you and your business.

To discuss how you could benefit by way of FPA’s with Transmin, email Matt Brooks, Supplies Manager on or call direct +61 8 9270 8517