Innovative mass-flow feeders

Transmin is the exclusive authorised Australian distributor of the Yoshikawa range of circle feeders throughout Australia. Yoshikawa Corporation was established in 1954 in Sendai City, Kagoshima, Japan. Today the company has grown to become the world-wide leader in circle feeder technology.


Circle feeders are a highly innovative and effective alternative to traditional belt feeders, screw feeders and rotary valves. Thanks to their circular motion, they guarantee consistent draw-down of materials – ensuring ‘first-in, first-out’, whilst removing the risk of material ‘bridging’ and segregation – including both sticky and free-flowing materials. They also allow the potential for multiple material inlet/outlet points.


The result for many clients is a more efficient, more flexible handling operation that experiences reduced material wastage and spoiling, a more reliable flow, and improved space-saving efficiency. All of which can have a positive impact on the bottom-line.


Yoshikawa Corporation manufactures circle feeders for virtually any commodity or material – from coal, to powdered chemicals, from food, to feathers, from shredded tyres to wood-chips. Each feeder is engineered to the specific attributes of the material being handled, with feeder diameters ranging from 30cm through to 4m.

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Key Features

  • No Bridging or Segregation

    The consistent draw-down ensures material bridging and segregation is minimised inside the hopper.  Able to easily handle both sticky and free-flowing products.

  • Circular Motion

    Circular feeder motion ensures consistent draw-down of materials – ensuring ‘first-in, first-out’.  The low-speed rotor lowers power requirements and minimises wear.  Flow rates are easily adjustable.

  • Widespread Application

    There is a circle feeder to suit virtually all industries and materials.  Over 450 different types of materials successfully handled.

  • Quality Japanese Manufacturing

    The quality of workmanship on every Yoshikawa circle feeder is unsurpassed, resulting in minimal ongoing maintenance.



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Only Transmin certified service technicians.

Transmin’s dedicated and highly trained Service division supports mining and materials handling operations right across Australia, and overseas. We provide comprehensive on-site and off-site servicing of both Transmin and third party OEM equipment. Transmin also provides a range of strategic site maintenance and optimisation services, including shutdown and maintenance planning, HAZOP assessments, risk based inspections, systems de-bottlenecking, and general engineering support services.

Off-site Service

For major equipment overhauls and refurbishments, Transmin can accommodate all manner of site equipment at our facilities in Malaga, Perth. Transmin has over 4000sqm of fully-equipped workshop space suitable for heavy assembly, fabrication and dedicated servicing of mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

On-site Service

Transmin specialises in a range of on-site services and engineering solutions, including; „ Equipment repairs and refurbishments,„ equipment component change out (Transmin Parts division), major equipment overhauls, hard-face welding repairs, fixed plant audits, shutdown maintenance, strategic maintenance services, plant de-bottlenecking services.

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