Hydraulic pedestal mounted booms

Transmin has specialised in hydraulic boom systems for the past 30 years. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise is unrivaled in the mining industry, with some of the largest hydraulic boom systems in the world, deployed in the toughest, most arduous conditions imaginable.


The new Boomer range extends that knowledge and expertise to a suite of new, smaller booms engineered for light-to-heavy industry – ideal for the construction, quarrying and waste management industries.The new Boomer range comprises over 50 distinctive hydraulic boom models and power packs-packs.


The Boomer B17/12 boom is small, robust boom ideal for applications including quarrying, construction, recycling, stationary and mobile crushing plants.


The B17/12 (boom 1.7 meters / jib 1.2 meters), has a vertical reach of 2.6 meters, and a horizontal reach of 2.9 meters.  Download the datasheet below for full specifications and reach profile diagrams. 


All Boomer models have the added option of hydraulic radio controls, which can be further optimised with Transmin’s award winning RockLogic automated control system. RockLogic’s intelligent automation system improves the safety and efficiency of rock breaking, with a number of automation features designed to reduce downtime, and therefore increase productivity on-site.


For more information on our groundbreaking RockLogic automation system for rockbreaker boomsvisit the dedicated web-page here.


Recommended hammers for this boom include Atlas Copco SB302, SB452, and SB552.

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Key Features

  • The Boomer brand

    An Australian icon – the Transmin Boomer brand is built on nearly 30 years of engineering heavy duty boom systems for the global mining industry, in some of the most arduous conditions imaginable.

  • Boom and jib

    Transmin has a Boomer for every application and reach requirement.  Download the datasheet (link above) for full specifications and reach profile diagrams. 

  • Suggested hammers for this boom

    The correct hammer depends on the material being broken, and the boom dimensions. For recommended hammers for this boom, download the datasheet (link above). 

  • Controls

    Each boom in the Boomer range can either be fitted with (standard) manual controls, or (optional) remote controls.

BOOMER B17/12 Applications

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Transmin’s dedicated and highly trained Service division supports mining and materials handling operations right across Australia, and overseas. We provide comprehensive on-site and off-site servicing of both Transmin and third party OEM equipment. Transmin also provides a range of strategic site maintenance and optimisation services, including shutdown and maintenance planning, HAZOP assessments, risk based inspections, systems de-bottlenecking, and general engineering support services.

Off-site Service

For major equipment overhauls and refurbishments, Transmin can accommodate all manner of site equipment at our facilities in Malaga, Perth. Transmin has over 4000sqm of fully-equipped workshop space suitable for heavy assembly, fabrication and dedicated servicing of mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

On-site Service

Transmin specialises in a range of on-site services and engineering solutions, including; „ Equipment repairs and refurbishments,„ equipment component change out (Transmin Parts division), major equipment overhauls, hard-face welding repairs, fixed plant audits, shutdown maintenance, strategic maintenance services, plant de-bottlenecking services

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