Eliminate Hazards.  Maximise Speed and Productivity. 

The RockLogic intelligent rockbreaker control system maximises the speed, safety and efficiency of rockbreaking.  In turn, it significantly increases plant productivity, whilst reducing downtime and maintenance costs via the systems’ advanced suite of control modules.

Together these modules make up the RockLogic Core package (explained below). The Core package includes all of the hardware and engineering required to enable remote rockbreaker operation, whilst providing an upgrade path for advanced feature modules.

RockLogic has evolved over recent years to include features such as robust inertial position sensors (RBIS System) to replace the first generation electro mechanical ‘in cylinder’ transducers for the award winning RockLogic Controls Technology; water cannon cleaning attachments; positive pressure systems to keep dust out of the internals and multiple quick hitch options for attachments such as grapples.




Robust Inertial Position Sensors (RBIS System)

RockLogic™ Core Technology

Featuring the following modules

  • Improve safety and productivity with Remote Operation. Reduce personnel fatigue and heat stress. Remove personnel from flyrock, dust, noise and vibration hazards.
  • Control multiple rock breakers from one centralised Remote Operation. For high output mines, multiple rock breakers at different crushing stations can be controlled efficiently from one control centre, improving staff utilisation.
  • Improve rock breaker efficiency with Automated Movements. Go to park and deploy positions with the press of a button, minimising crushing delays.
  • Eliminate site damage with Collision Avoidance. Prevent unnecessary downtime by eliminating damage to rock breaker and surrounding plant equipment with customised collision avoidance software.
  • Increase throughput via improved communication between equipment with Plant & Process Integration. Signals to and from vehicles and plant equipment automatically retract the rock breaker for continuous crushing operation.
  • Reduce the rock breaker operating costs with Preventative Maintenance. Smoother rock breaker movements, data logging and collision avoidance minimises component wear and dramatically reduces on-site maintenance costs.
  • Integrate your safety procedures with SafeLogic. A tailored programmable Safety System with accommodation for isolation gates and E-Stop.

How Does RockLogic™ Work?

  • Robust inertial position senors (RBIS Sensors) are used to calcalate the position of each component.
  • Improve safety by eliminating hazards.
  • Improve production capacity/throughput.
  • Increase rockbreaking efficiency.
  • Improve staff utilisation and reduce reliance on fifo.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Achieve total integration with site operations
  • Remove operators from the hazardous environment of site and placed into a safe office environment.
  • Enhance situational awareness during remote operation with Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Utilises Transmin’s Remote Operation Centre slimline controller.

Multi Award-Winning System

RockLogic™ – Excellence in Engineering & Technology

  • WINNER C.Y. O’Connor Award for Excellence in Engineering & Technology – Western Australian Industry & Export Awards 2012
  • WINNER Innovation Excellence Award – Western Australian Industry & Export Awards 2012
  • WINNER Industry Award – National iAwards 2012
  • WINNER Innovation Award – WAiTTA Awards 2011 & 2012
  • WINNER Innovation Excellence Award – West Australian Pinnacle Awards 2013
  • FINALIST Work Safety Award – WA Work Safe Awards 2014 & 2015