Thermo Scientific

Belt Scales, Weigh Belt Feeders, Tilt Switches, Tramp Metal Detectors and Density Gauges


Belt Scales
Thermo Scientific is the world’s largest provider of conveyor belt scales and electronic integrators. The rugged construction and leading edge design of the Thermo Scientific Ramsey belt scale range has delivered reliable performance and provided unmatched versatility for over 50 years. All belt scale systems in the range allow you to monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.

Weigh Belt Feeders
Thermo Scientific are one of the world’s largest providers of conveyor weigh belt feeders. Increase accuracy in your high-rate, heavy-duty and demanding applications with the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Heavy Duty Weighbelt Feeder range. Endless belt design and heavy-duty construction provides larger pulleys and a sturdy and rugged frame for increased accuracy in high-rate, heavy-duty applications. These features work together to augment the performance of your process and improve your bottom line.

Tilt Switches and Control Units
This rugged, abrasion-resistant tilt switch is actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15 degrees or more from its vertical position. These switches are precisely positioned so that, regardless of the direction of tilt, its normally closed contacts will open. Various probe assembles are available to suit applications utilising an array of materials in a wide range of environmental conditions.


Tramp Metal Detectors
The Ramsey Oretronic IV Tramp Metal Detector minimises lost production by providing an economical and reliable means to protect expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage caused by tramp metal.

Density Gauges

Thermo Scientific’s 3rd generation of Digital Density Gauge, the DDG3 is a
non-contacting nuclear density gauge that offers accurate process material density measurements within a ruggedized housing designed for challenging applications. The DDG3 offers flexibility, durability and precision in order to enhance the efficiency of industrial processes. The new gauge is designed to withstand varying conditions and ensure the protection of the source.