RotaVal Rotary Valves

Transmin is the Australian distributor of the RotaVal brand
of quality rotary valves, blowing seals and divertors.

From bulk minerals handling to the finest of industrial materials, RotaVal has a rotary valve for your application. Common applications use the HD range, with more arduous duties using the upgraded EHD range. For light duty non aggressive applications there’s the low-cost medium duty XGD range up to 250mm diameter.

Transmin has a vast number of options to allow for fine-tuning of valve specifications in order to meet individual product characteristics, including food and chemical grade applications, so please contact Transmin direct if you are unsure of your requirements and we will find the right valve for your application.

Using the same basic design principles and the extensive range of options found in RotaVal’s rotary valve range, a full range of blowing seals offer efficient and secure product entrainment in vacuum, lean and dense phase pneumatic conveying systems.

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