The First Priority

Transmin is fully committed to achieving the highest standards of workplace health and safety, including mental health and well-being.  Our aim is to prevent all instances of personal injury and/or harm by creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all our employees, as well as our clients, our contractors, sub-contractors and volunteers!

In order to fulfil this commitment, Transmin;

Demonstrates continuous improvement in its workplace health and safety performance by involving all stakeholders, applying best practices, knowledge, technology innovation and procedures;

Regularly reviews the work environment to identify hazards, assess risks, monitor and   implement suitable controls, thereby eliminating and/or minimising the risk of harm, both physically and mentally to workers.

Provides all stakeholders with adeuqate information, supervision and training to assist them to comply with and understand their obligations in respect to safety;

Encourages open communication, teamwork and consultation;

Encourages a mentally healthy workplace by providing stakeholders with information with respect to mental health issues, risk factors, education and support services;

Reduces the stigma associated with mental health issues in the workplace by encouraging open awareness and discussion of those issues;

Continually monitors our workplace safety performance by setting measurable health and safety objectives and targets.

All Transmin staff must comply with our workplace health and safety policies and procedures, and remain accountable to ensure their actions do not place themselves or others at risk of injury, or damage company or customer property. Workers must actively participate in Transmin’s workplace health and safety management system and report any incidents, injuries or hazards they may encounter.

For more information on Transmin’s Workplace Health and Safety policy and procedures, contact

Transmin was a finalist in the WA WorkSafe Awards in 2014 and 2015.