Transmin is an Australian distributor of the Scutti range.

Scutti is an leading manufacturer of cement silos and lime silos in the world. Developing silos for more than 50 years, Scutti has been able to perfect its manufacturing process to build silos that would be suited for almost any situation, whether it was cold Arctic conditions, heat of the Pilbara or on fault lines in New Zealand.

Manufactured in Italy, designed to be containerised and shipped anywhere in the world. The Scutti system of bolted silos allows them to be assembled on the ground and then lifted as modules for construction, meaning there is a reduced need to work at heights or use specialised hot equipment, and therefore a benefit of a low processing cost due to a simple process engineering.

Originally built for the cement and lime industries, the silos can store most bulk solids, including, soda ash, sand, crushed glass, sugar or grain. Scutti’s silos have already been put to use in the Australian cement industry for many years. They are used to store and then load trucks with cement, assist with water purification on mining sites and store sugar for refining into confectionary ingredients. Others have been installed at port facilities, using the modularised design of the silos to build square silos that make the most of the space available on the wharves.

Scutti and Transmin also offer additional equipment, such as screw conveyors, dust filters and powder valves along with the silo. In addition, the silos can be equipped with Scutti’s own condition monitoring system, WICOMSILO.

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