RockLogic RBIS Sensor

Transmin’s RockLogic RBIS* Sensor

Transmin’s award winning Rockbreaker control system is now retrofit friendly. Previously, upgrading your existing Rockbreaker to use RockLogic involved hydraulic cylinder modifications to install the in cylinder transducer which added additional time and cost when retrofitting to existing Rockbreaker’s. With our newly released RBIS (RockLogic Bolt-on Incline Sensor) sensor, all sensors are externally mounted and easy to install and maintain, reducing cost and time and increasing reliability.

Transmin has recently also added a host of new options such as:

  • Live sound feed from the Rockbreaker to the Slimline Controller which improves the efficiency of remote rockbreaking.
  • Safety gate panels that include safety rated gate switch and reset button for added safety during remote operations.
  • Local operator panel, providing local storage of the radio controller along with a place to charge spare batteries.
  • Revised support packages with tailored operator training using Transmin’s own Rockbreaker for the practical component.

Simplified and standardised control panels have also been design to reduce overall system cost and reduced procurement times. This means you can enhance the operation of your existing Rockbreaker for less than you think. By implementing RockLogic, your existing Rockbreaker will be enhanced with the following features:

  • Realtime active 3D collision avoidance (not just simple limits)
  • Automated movements – one touch park and deploy
  • Process integration with the plant
  • Remote operation over any distance using our Slimline Controller
  • Enhanced machine safety using our SafeLogic safety system

Get in touch today for a live demonstration of the RockLogic Control System or to discuss how RockLogic can improve your crushing operation or click here to download the RockLogic brochure.

Peter Konstek
Head of Controls & Automation

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