Transmin Appoints BAEG Authorised Service & Parts for Rockbreakers (Boomer)

Transmin Appoints BA Equipment Group (BAEG) as Authorised Service & Parts Supplier for Transmin Boomer-HD Rockbreakers

From the 1st of May 2015, Transmin will begin transitioning the servicing and spare-parts supply of its range of rock breaking boom systems, to BA Equipment Group (‘BAEG’), a member of the Transmin group of companies.

BAEG was a division of Transmin up until 2012 when it began trading independently. BAEG has always been dedicated to the sales, service and spare-parts supply of rock breaking hammers and other hydraulic attachments. Now, BAEG will add Transmin hydraulic boom systems to its range.

Campbell Nunn, the Managing Director of BAEG, was Transmin’s rockbreaking boom systems Product Manager for many years, developing and retaining an intimate knowledge of Transmin’s rockbreaking products, as well as shaping direction and strategy.

BAEG will provide servicing and spare-parts for all of Transmin’s MD, HD, XHD, XXHD Classic Series boom systems, as well as the 100, 130, 160 and 200 Premium Series boom systems.

The transition will lead to a streamlining of both business’ processes (and with it a more simplified experience for our customers), as well as the ability for Transmin to focus on its OEM capabilities; BAEG will be the first officially appointed service and spare-parts supply agent for Transmin rock breaking boom systems in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and PNG.

BAEG will provide a more complete offering to clients, with the ability to offer service and spare-parts supply for both rock breaking booms, and hydraulic hammer attachments. Given BAEG’s presence in Queensland, clients on the east coast will also benefit from more accessible support.

The Changes as They Relate to You

 The Same Level of Service…

Due to Transmin’s close partnership and history with BAEG, there will be no compromise in the level of service our clients will receive throughout the transition period, and thereafter. . Transmin will offer ongoing comprehensive OEM support to BAEG, ensuring clients enjoy the quality of service they have come to expect and appreciate from Transmin.

All of Transmin’s existing service capabilities will be maintained, including general inspection /auditing, scheduled maintenance, hydraulic cylinder testing and change-outs, diagnostics and breakdowns, flow testing, refurbishments and more, all carried out by certified and experienced BAEG service personnel.

 Spare Parts Supply…

All replacement parts and consumables will be as readily available as they are now, supplied to BAEG by Transmin as the OEM. You can be assured that this change will not in itself, result in a general spare-parts price increases, or delays to delivery timelines.

 Your New Points of Contact…

The relevant client points of contact at BAEG for both service and supplies of Transmin rock breaking boom systems will be:

Campbell Nunn (Perth)
08 9248 9800
0408 946 482

Rob Guerin (Brisbane)
07 3635 7333
0488 020 842

From 1st July 2015

All rock breaking booms system servicing and spare-parts clients will need to transact directly with BAEG, who will have by now assumed full control of this area of business. Both Transmin and BAEG will be able to receive and direct enquiries for service and spare-parts supply as is needed, as well as provide ongoing advice and support regarding the transition.

We thank you for your continued patronage during this transition.

BAEG & Transmin