Filter Cartridges

Replacement Filter Cartridges for dust, fume and mist collectors

No matter the make or model of collector, Transmin, an official Donaldson premium service agent, has the replacement filter you need, when you need it.

Donaldson Ultra-Web, nanofibre cartridge filters deliver increased efficiency, energy savings and longer filter life. Engineered to keep dust, fume and mist collectors operating at peak performance, there is no comparison to Donaldson Ultra-Web replacement filters when it comes to quality and cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM quality and performance standards
  • Increased efficiency
  • Energy Savings
  • Longer filter life
  • Greater value

With hundreds of varieties to choose from, backed by technical expertise and commitment, Transmin is a source for your all replacement cartridge filters needs. To determine the right filter for your application, contact our parts and supplies team today on 1300 127 091 or email


A-WARD Container Tilters


Transmin is the Exclusive Australian and PNG Distributor of the A-WARD Range of ISO Sea Container Loaders and Unloaders.

Time is money.  Bulk products transported via sea container need to be quickly and efficiently filled at point of origin, and emptied at point of destination. The A-WARD range comprises a versatile series of container loaders and unloaders (also referred to as container tilters) which can quickly and safely handle 20ft and 40ft sea containers from trucks, open doors, and tilt for either discharge or filling.

Transmin has incorporated these units within numerous projects, such is their versatility.  Applicable industries include all/any operations that utilise standard 20 – 40ft sea containers, including; waste and recycling, minerals processing, agriculture, and general logistics/materials handling.

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NT Resources, AIMEX and Exposibram Review

NT Resources, AIMEX and Exposibram Review

August and September is always a busy time of year on the mining expos and events calendar. Fresh from attending NT Resources Week (Darwin), AIMEX (Sydney) and Exposibram (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), here’s our report on the state of the global industry.

NT Resources Week – 25-27 August, Darwin Convention Centre.

NT Resources Week encompasses three events; the annual South East Asia and Australia Offshore & Onshore Conference, the Annual Mining the Territory Conference and the annual Building the Territory Conference. It’s therefore a great opportunity to network and gain valuable information across a number of industry sectors – both public and private.

Transmin exhibited on stand 109 this year. Manning the stand we had capital sales engineers Evan Douglas and Mark Cracknell.

Both the mining and oil & gas industries are experiencing an obvious downturn, with mine closures and project delays due to the commodity price slide. On the other hand the NT Govt is very bullish in trying to spur the local economy, including a number of key infrastructure projects. The overall buzz at the conference is that the market is biding time for the commodity price turnaround.

Both exhibitor and attendance numbers were approx. 30% down from the same time last year. Although total numbers were down, Transmin found the quality of visitors to the stand to be up on previous years – with a lot of interest in Transmin innovative equipment aimed at improving operational efficiency on site, such as the Low Profile Feeder, and Rocklogic automation software.


Asia-Pacific International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) – 1-4 September, Sydney Showgrounds.

AIMEX is still the region’s biggest and best mining expo, drawing exhibitors and attendees from all over the Asia Pacific, and further-afield.

Transmin exhibited on stand 2822, inside Hall 3 – the busiest of the halls.

Again, given the current slow-down felt across the industry, numbers were as expected down from previous years, however the overall attendance figures released by the show organisers were still impressive. AIMEX continues to present key opportunities on both purchasing and supply. With cost-cutting pressures being felt across the industry, the time is right for sourcing alternate low-cost suppliers, and there were opportunities on show at AIMEX from all corners of the Asia-Pacific region.

Mining innovation and automation in particular were key features this year, heavily spruiked by the show’s organisers (Reed Exhibitions) as representing the future of the industry.

To this end Transmin was keen to promote its multi-award winning Rocklogic remote-operation platform for rock breakers and pedestal boom systems.

Visitors to the Transmin stand had the chance to remote-operate a Transmin ‘Boomer’ series rockbreaker located at our Perth head office – over 4000km away, over the national mobile data network (as opposed to a private network). Click here to check out the video demonstration.

Even over a public network the Rocklogic demo ran smoothly, and demonstrated just how easy the system is to use – even for untrained operators. The key features of the Rocklogic system (aside from remote operation), include enhanced safety features such as slew-limits and automatic e-stops – preventing harm to surrounding equipment and personnel, and plant integration features that can dramatically improve productivity, whilst reducing down-time. For a detailed demonstration outlining the key benefits of the Rocklogic system, click here to view our YouTube video animation.

For further information on any of the above products and equipment, email


Exposibram – 14-17 September, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Exposibram International Mining Exhibition, and the 16th Brazilian Mining Congress, both took place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from 14-17 September 2015. This is the largest mining show in Brazil and is the ideal place to meet buyers, potential agents and partners, and get first-hand appreciation of the size of the market and competition.

Not just a regional affair, Exposibram is one of the largest mining expos in the world – in 2013, Exposibram attracted 58,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors from 25 countries, as well as hundreds of delegates to the mining congress.

This year, Transmin exhibited alongside our Brazilian agency, TMSA, on stand M2.

Proving the mining industry is doing the hard yards everywhere at present, attendee and exhibitor numbers were down on 2013. However there was a prevailing optimism in the region thanks to a number of new projects coming on line, most notably Vale’s S11D iron ore mine – set to be the largest in the world.

Transmin has recently commissioned its first large scale capital equipment project in Brazil – a major milestone for the company, and one that we hope will lay the foundation for future success in the region. To that end the Exposibram was a valuable window at which to showcase Transmin’s knowledge and expertise.

RotaVal Rotary Valves

RotaVal Rotary Valves

Transmin is the Australian distributor of the RotaVal brand
of quality rotary valves, blowing seals and divertors.

From bulk minerals handling to the finest of industrial materials, RotaVal has a rotary valve for your application. Common applications use the HD range, with more arduous duties using the upgraded EHD range. For light duty non aggressive applications there’s the low-cost medium duty XGD range up to 250mm diameter.

Transmin has a vast number of options to allow for fine-tuning of valve specifications in order to meet individual product characteristics, including food and chemical grade applications, so please contact Transmin direct if you are unsure of your requirements and we will find the right valve for your application.

Using the same basic design principles and the extensive range of options found in RotaVal’s rotary valve range, a full range of blowing seals offer efficient and secure product entrainment in vacuum, lean and dense phase pneumatic conveying systems.

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Sizer Servicing

Sizer Servicing

Transmin is a preferred service operator for MMD sizers in Australia, with highly competitive rates on servicing and commercially available parts.

We have over 25 years’ experience in building, installing and servicing MMD sizers in Australia – particularly in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, where we’re also the official MMD capital sales agent.

Having introduced the MMD brand into Western Australia and the Northern Territory over a quarter of a century ago, our technical knowledge and expertise surpasses any other third party service provider – expertise that will improve the performance and wear life of your sizers.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, and our rates for servicing and commercially available parts are highly competitive.. thanks to years of specialisation and longstanding supplier relations. Email or call 1300 127 091 for a free estimation.

Transmin offers both on-site and off-site servicing capability. Our Perth workshop features over 4000sqm of space specifically built to accommodate repairs to all MMD sizer models.

This includes;

  • Multiple specialised welding/hard facing bays, and
  • Dust/fume controlled and sound proof arc air gouging bays, specifically designed to accommodate the largest sizer models.

Get in touch with Transmin Service division today and see how we can save your site time and money in sizer repair work.

For more information on this notice please contact Transmin on +61 9270 8555 or email


Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific

Belt Scales, Weigh Belt Feeders, Tilt Switches, Tramp Metal Detectors and Density Gauges


Belt Scales
Thermo Scientific is the world’s largest provider of conveyor belt scales and electronic integrators. The rugged construction and leading edge design of the Thermo Scientific Ramsey belt scale range has delivered reliable performance and provided unmatched versatility for over 50 years. All belt scale systems in the range allow you to monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.

Weigh Belt Feeders
Thermo Scientific are one of the world’s largest providers of conveyor weigh belt feeders. Increase accuracy in your high-rate, heavy-duty and demanding applications with the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Heavy Duty Weighbelt Feeder range. Endless belt design and heavy-duty construction provides larger pulleys and a sturdy and rugged frame for increased accuracy in high-rate, heavy-duty applications. These features work together to augment the performance of your process and improve your bottom line.

Tilt Switches and Control Units
This rugged, abrasion-resistant tilt switch is actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15 degrees or more from its vertical position. These switches are precisely positioned so that, regardless of the direction of tilt, its normally closed contacts will open. Various probe assembles are available to suit applications utilising an array of materials in a wide range of environmental conditions.


Tramp Metal Detectors
The Ramsey Oretronic IV Tramp Metal Detector minimises lost production by providing an economical and reliable means to protect expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage caused by tramp metal.

Density Gauges

Thermo Scientific’s 3rd generation of Digital Density Gauge, the DDG3 is a
non-contacting nuclear density gauge that offers accurate process material density measurements within a ruggedized housing designed for challenging applications. The DDG3 offers flexibility, durability and precision in order to enhance the efficiency of industrial processes. The new gauge is designed to withstand varying conditions and ensure the protection of the source.

Yoshikawa Circle Feeders


Transmin is an authorised Australian distributor of the
Yoshikawa range of circle feeders

Yoshikawa Corporation was established in 1954 in Sendai City, Kagoshima, Japan. Today the company has grown to become the world-wide leader in circle feeder technology.

Circle feeders are a highly innovative and effective alternative to traditional belt and screw feeders. Thanks to their circular motion, they guarantee consistent draw-down of materials – ensuring ‘first-in, first-out’, whilst removing the risk of material ‘bridging’ and ‘sludging’. They also allow the potential for multiple material inlet/outlet points.

The result for many clients is a more efficient, more flexible handling operation that experiences reduced material wastage and spoiling, a more reliable flow, and improved space-saving efficiencies. All of which can have a positive impact on the bottom-line.

Yoshikawa Corporation manufactures circle feeders for virtually any commodity or material – from coal, to powdered chemicals, from food, to feathers. Each feeder is engineered to the specific attributes of the material being handled, with feeder diameters ranging from 30cm through to 4m.

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Conveyor / Feeder Refurbs

Conveyor / Feeder Refurbs

Is your converyor belt or feeder in need of a service? Transmin specialises in ALL makes and models.

Conveyors and feeders are critical to overall productivity and efficiency on site. Breakdowns and general wear-and-tear can bring operations grinding to a slow halt, in costly fashion. To ensure your belts and feeders are operating at peak productivity, regular servicing is required, along with the timely replacement of consumable parts.

Transmin’s Service division specialises in all makes and models of conveyor belts and feeders. This includes;

Chain feeders, screw feeders, vibratory feeders, belt feeders, and circle feeders.


  • Belt replacements
  • Belt survey/assesment
  • Transfer modification
  • Dust sealing, and
  • Service Training

With over 25 years of experience as an OEM specialising in conveyors and feeders, Transmin is the smart choice when it comes to equipment servicing – we know what we’re working on, and what to look out for!

Can’t get your equipment to us? We’ll come to you. Transmin’s on-road service fleet is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery, and the manpower – Transmin’s qualified and experienced service technicians. What’s more, you’re backed by Transmin’s specialist Engineering Division – able to advise on site and machinery optimisation.

Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of your site and servicing requirements. You’ll be happy with our level of service, and our rates.

For Australia-wide service;

Transmin Service Division
Tel: 1300 141 730

Or click on the request a quote button below.


For more information on this notice please contact Transmin on +61 9270 8555 or email