Fixed Price Agreements

Fixed Price Agreements

Transmin offers fixed-price agreements across our full range of parts and supplies, including all Transmin OEM equipment, and many third-party OEM equipment models.

Transmin Supplies Manager, Matt Brooks; “Fixed price agreements (FPA’s) benefit both supplier and client in virtually every industry. They allow for fast, efficient forward project planning and estimating, stock holding and logistical planning. They also cut out the time-consuming back-and-forth between client and supplier as requests for quotes and tenders are affectively removed. If you need a part, refer to the FPA and supply us with your purchase/sales order – simple. From Transmin’s side there’s no further work involved other than to get that part out to you as quickly as possible.”

Aside from the above gains, FPA’s can save clients thousands of dollars every year by reviewing and negotiating total spend across Transmin (not just parts, but equipment and servicing), as well as the ability to bulk package spend on parts and supplies into fixed regular purchases.

Give Transmin a call today, and find out if Fixed Price Agreements are right for you and your business.

To discuss how you could benefit by way of FPA’s with Transmin, email Matt Brooks, Supplies Manager on or call direct +61 8 9270 8517

Australian Engineering Worldwide

Australian Engineering Worldwide

Transmin has recently enjoyed a lot of success in winning a number of overseas projects – further evidence of how highly-regarded innovative, Australian-engineered equipment is overseas.

Low Profile Feeders in Canada;

Transmin has successfully won the supply order for its unique Low Profile Feeder (LPF) as the feeding mechanism for a series of stacker/ reclaimers at a coal terminal in Western Canada. The LPF was chosen over other conventional technologies (belt feeder, apron feeder, vibrating feeder) and is expected to be in service well in-excess of 20 years. Factors that the LPF was able to dominate over the conventional feeder technology included;

  • The lowest profile feeder available on the market, anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to handle arduous impact loading conditions.
  • No product spillage with the use of an industry rated belt cover.
  • No belt tracking issues.
  • Ability to feed in reverse.
  • High tonnage capacity.
  • Use of standard industry components available locally (worldwide).
  • Strong aftersales support, including parts and servicing.

Transmin Capital Sales Engineer, Evan Douglas explains; “This project is a really nice demonstration of firstly the unique qualities of the LPF, and its ability the diversity of application across so many materials and handling requirements. We’re delighted to have won the job with a major North American client, the client is delighted too.”

Transmin ball charging system for Central American Project;

Transmin has been successful in securing an order from another Canadian based consultant to supply a ball charging system for a project in Central America. The Transmin ball charging system beat off stiff competition with its unique, reliable, proven design now well accepted throughout the mining industry.

Transmin supplies cement silo and feeding system for Africa;

Transmin has won an order to supply a twin 400 ton cement silo and associated feeding system for a gold mine in Burkina Faso. The system is based on Transmin’s standard design used by the mining community for in excess of 25 years. Transmin’s competitive pricing, long standing history and well-engineered design were all factors that were considered. Transmin’s hybrid feeder was chosen for associated stacker/ reclaimer project.

For more information on this notice please contact Transmin on +61 9270 8555 or email

Transmin Boomer Range

Relaunching an Australian icon: Transmin’s new Boomer Range

Small to heavy-duty hydraulic pedestal mounted boom systems to suit a wide range of industry applications.

Transmin is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our new, extended hydraulic boom range, aptly named, Boomer.

The Boomer range includes Transmin’s existing heavy duty hydraulic boom systems (Boomer HD), and a suite of new, smaller booms engineered for light to heavy industry, including construction, quarrying and waste management.

Transmin General Manager Rob Rhodes; “We’ve extended our hydraulic boom range quite substantially. In the process we decided on the need for a distinctive new brand name – one that would tie the whole range together, and of course help distinguish Transmin booms from the competition.”

“Transmin is a proudly Australian-owned company. Australian companies, particularly in mining, are well regarded overseas so we ideally wanted a name that could get that Australian image across and link back to the product. For those not familiar, ‘boomer’ is a term used to describe a large, male kangaroo – what could be more Australian! So, the kangaroo goes in the logo naturally.”

The New Transmin Boomer Range

The Transmin Boomer range now comprises 50 distinctive hydraulic boom models – ranging from the compact B16/12, designed for small manufacturing and materials handling operations, through to the 200 Series Boomer HD – suitable for large scale mining and mineral-processing plants.

Boomer HD (Heavy Duty) is the new name for Transmin’s existing range of hydraulic boom systems that have been widely adopted throughout the global mining industry during the past 28 years.

The HD range really is heavy duty. Unlike the rest of the Boomer range, the HD models (100-200 series) are designed to handle the largest hammers and attachments, and can also be used to rake and nudge heavy materials. The Boomer HD range also allows greater customisation, with ‘standard models’ engineered to site requirements.

“Over the years Transmin has often designed our rockbreaker booms on a custom basis for mining clients, and that’s certainly a service we’ll continue to provide with the Boomer HD range.” Transmin General Sales Manager, Phil Gilbert.

“The new smaller range however opens up a host new markets for Transmin in terms of hydraulic boom systems in small to large industrial applications such as; quarrying, construction, demolition, forestry, shipping, oil and gas, utilities, ports and shipping.”

The launch of the new Boomer range will also see the adoption of a new business model for Transmin in regards to sales and service, explains GM Rob Rhodes; “By bringing in this new range we’re also allowing Transmin to focus more on its OEM status, by appointing a series of authorised Boomer sales and service agents in key regional areas.”

Transmin’s sister company Breakers & Attachments Group (BAEG) will be the first of such agencies/distributors, representing the Transmin Boomer range in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and PNG.

BAEG Managing Director Campbell Nunn explains; “What we’re aiming to provide both Transmin and BAEG clients is a more holistic, more streamlined way of dealing with us. BAEG is already Transmin’s exclusive supplier of breakers and attachments. With the new Boomer range, we now supply and service the hydraulic boom systems to go with those attachments.”

Transmin General Manager Rob Rhodes; “We’ve already seen a lot of interest for the new booms in this region. As Transmin begins marketing the Boomer range internationally we hope to appoint other authorised sales and service agents in other parts of the world. So it’s about tapping into new markets by way of appointing established local providers as well.”

For more information on the new Boomer range please email or

Transmin’s Environmental Commitment

Transmin’s Environmental Commitment

Through the implementation of Environmental Management Systems, and in meeting with AS/NZS ISO 14001 and also client specific requirements, the Transmin team is committed to continually monitoring the way in which we conduct our activities, so as to negate or minimise any adverse impact on the environment.

In 2013 Transmin received the Clean Technology Grant by the Federal Government and chose to invest in renewable energy by installing an efficient solar system at our servicing facility in Perth; reducing our overall carbon footprint. With 4,000 square metres of workshop roof space available, we filled it up with solar panels and now produce 60KW of power.

Transmin recognise and accept our responsibility to ensure that all waste services, transport and storage activities are conducted in a manner which is environmentally responsible and safe to the community.

We will achieve and maintain these objectives by:
1. Developing site specific management plans for all projects we undertake;
2. Being pro-active in recycling/reuse and encouraging our clients to do likewise;
3. Continually evaluating all processes involving the collection and transport of waste;
4. Evaluating and monitoring potential releases of contaminates throughout our activities.

Sorting general waste, paper and cardboard, plastic, comingle, carbon steel, timber recycling, dry and wet cell batteries, printer cartridges, controlled hydrocarbon storage and disposal, oily water separator facilities, waste oil recycling and recovery from soiled rags and collecting E waste are all part of Transmin’s daily activities.

It is the responsibility of us all to be conscious of our moral and legal obligations to the environment and be diligent at all times.

For more information on this notice please contact Transmin on +61 9270 8555 or email