Transmin is an authorised Australian distributor for Donaldson dust, air and hydraulic filters, with a huge range to chose from. Donaldon PowerCore media technology is integral to the dramatic downsizing of the PowerCore dust collector.


PowerCore filter packs combine Ultra-Web® nanofibre technology with Donaldson’s media configuration expertise, creating a new filtration structure unlike anything else in the industrial air filtration market.  As a result, a more effective filtration area is packaged into smaller spaces. And just one PowerCore filter pack replaces multiple cartridge or bag-style filters. With more media packed into a smaller space and a simplified airflow path, PowerCore filter packs provide high performance with a low pressure drop.


Included in the PowerCore range are CP Filter Packs, TG Filter Packs and VH Filter Packs.  Contact Transmin today for more information.


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