Transmin’s new WHSE Manager – Lyndel Quinn-Schofield

…and Transmin’s long-term COMMITMENT to workplace safety.

Lyndel has worked as Transmin’s WHSE Coordinator since 2012. From the start of July 2016 however, Lyndel has been working in an expanded lead role as Transmin WHSE Manager.

Accordingly, Lyndel is the first point of contact for all matters related to WHSE, both internally and externally – including dedicated health and safety representative for all Transmin contractors and clients.

In addition to her role as WHSE Manager, Lyndel is also the main point of contact for facilities management at Transmin, including all building/yard issues and maintenance, all general equipment, and all inspections and tagging.

From Lyndel:

“In this new financial year 2016-17, Transmin will focus on the following WHSE matters;

  • Continuing our downward trend of accidents and incidents in the workplace and keeping our LTI free days record which is currently at 1441 calendar days.
  • Continuous improvement and streamlining of our safety system to make it more user-friendly.
  • Mental health and well-being in the workplace, with a strong focus on the mental health side.

On behalf of Transmin, I look forward to working with all our clients, contractors and suppliers to ensure the highest WHSE standards are delivered now and in the future.”

You can get in touch with Lyndel today at for all WHSE matters at Transmin.